Free calendars for 2020 in TPT

Another year is coming to its end, so it’s time to search free calendars for 2020. There are also other calendar related products in this list. Usually I don’t include resources that are targeted to preschool or the very first grades, but this time it’s different, because there aren’t really that much calendars for upper grades only. Because ordering by age doesn’t make sense here, the order is calendars first and other products after that.

Calendar for 2020, South African themed (K-3)
Wall calendar including monthly and yearly pages and South African public holidays. I think this will fit also for upper grades especially if there is a connection to South Africa.

Super Duper Speech Calendar – January 2020 (Not grade specific)
A Calendar with speech therapy activities and lively pictures. Obviously popular by the download count.

Editable Excel Annual Calendar for 2020 (Not grade specific)
Basic annual calendar for 2020.

Free Wall Calendar for 2020 with Beautiful Pictures (Not grade specific)
More of a traditional wall calendar: One big photograph per month with Oscar Wilde quotes.

2020 Year-to-a-Page Calendar (Australian Version) (Not grade specific)
Several versions of 2020 yearly calendars from Australia’s point of view. Popular based on download count.

2020 Printable Coloring Calendar (Not grade specific)
Monthly calendar for 2020. Pictures are black and white, ready for coloring.

Chinese New Year Presentation (K-4)
This is not a calendar in the literal sense, but it offers interesting information about Chinese calendar system.

Special Days for Calendar pocket chart
Cards for calendar, includes Ohio testing days.

Teaching Timelines Calendar – December (K-5)
Not year specific. The best part is birthday / special squares you can cut of and attach to a calendar. Personally, I would scale them down and use with any normal calendar.

Calendar: Numbers, Holidays & Events (K-3)
Circles you can cut out and attach to another calendar. Requires scaling to smaller size unless you have very big wall calendar.

Enjoy calendars, Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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