Free Valentine’s Day Products in TPT

February and St. Valentine’s day is coming, and especially with younger students it’s time to use themed materials! I found also some fresh materials for older students. I divided these into three groups: Primary school, Middle school (and up) and for your own creations. Some of them are even for commercial use. Enjoy!

Primary school

Valentine’s Day Flashcards in Spanish (grades K-5)
Cards with Spanish words, related pictures and English translation.

Heart Tiles – Memory Game (Not grade specific)
As a memory game, this suits better for kindergarten or primary school. Nevertheless, I wanted to include this because I really like the grapchis. Creating 15 different shapes from heart is not that simple.

16 Free printable Valentine’s Day Bookmarks (Not grade specific)
Valentine & love themed printable bookmarks

Heart Mandalas for Valentine’s Day: Art Lesson for Grades K-7
Detailed instructions for art lesson about hearts and mandalas.

Middle school and up

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Letter (grades 9-12)
Contains one page introduction to Shakespeare and Romeo & Juliet and task to write a persuasive letter to relatives of one of them. Certainly creative way to approach this love story!

Science Valentines for Middle School (grades 5-9)
16 mini Valentine cards with science puns that are suitable for middle school students. Includes colored and black and white options.

For your own creations

Valentine’s Day Game Board (with editable game cards) (grades 2-6)
Valentine’s day themed game board with cards. The aim of the game is to ask questions and to answer them. Cards are in PowerPoint format and you’ll have to type the questions before playing.

Valentine Borders and Frames Collection (Not grade specific)
Huge pack of borders even for commercial use, if you just mention Willow Designs. Definitely worth downloading!

Valentine’s Day Clip Art Set (K-6)
17 png images in a zip package for decoration purposes.

Valentine’s Day Task Card Template for Commercial Use (Not grade specific)
Four identical task card templates for letter size products. Free for commercial use as long as the shop is mentioned.

Lower part of the image by stux from Pixabay (Cubid by me)

Free calendars for 2020 in TPT

Another year is coming to its end, so it’s time to search free calendars for 2020. There are also other calendar related products in this list. Usually I don’t include resources that are targeted to preschool or the very first grades, but this time it’s different, because there aren’t really that much calendars for upper grades only. Because ordering by age doesn’t make sense here, the order is calendars first and other products after that.

Calendar for 2020, South African themed (K-3)
Wall calendar including monthly and yearly pages and South African public holidays. I think this will fit also for upper grades especially if there is a connection to South Africa.

Super Duper Speech Calendar – January 2020 (Not grade specific)
A Calendar with speech therapy activities and lively pictures. Obviously popular by the download count.

Editable Excel Annual Calendar for 2020 (Not grade specific)
Basic annual calendar for 2020.

Free Wall Calendar for 2020 with Beautiful Pictures (Not grade specific)
More of a traditional wall calendar: One big photograph per month with Oscar Wilde quotes.

2020 Year-to-a-Page Calendar (Australian Version) (Not grade specific)
Several versions of 2020 yearly calendars from Australia’s point of view. Popular based on download count.

2020 Printable Coloring Calendar (Not grade specific)
Monthly calendar for 2020. Pictures are black and white, ready for coloring.

Chinese New Year Presentation (K-4)
This is not a calendar in the literal sense, but it offers interesting information about Chinese calendar system.

Special Days for Calendar pocket chart
Cards for calendar, includes Ohio testing days.

Teaching Timelines Calendar – December (K-5)
Not year specific. The best part is birthday / special squares you can cut of and attach to a calendar. Personally, I would scale them down and use with any normal calendar.

Calendar: Numbers, Holidays & Events (K-3)
Circles you can cut out and attach to another calendar. Requires scaling to smaller size unless you have very big wall calendar.

Enjoy calendars, Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Free & new posters in TPT November 2019

Picture by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

It’s time to make new free & new products in TPT listing for November 2019. Today, I’ll be listing posters that you can print out and hang to your classroom wall. I can tell you there are many of them even if you take only the new ones into account, so I’ve done some picking and chosen those that look beautiful to my own eye. Subjects vary from mathematics to English language art and from sexual health education to physics. Resources are ordered by grade. Most of the posters are not that grade specific, but I’ve omitted kindergarten and preschool materials. Sometimes I’ve narrowed down very wide age ranges, that is represented by /.

Habits of discussion (Not grade specific)
Short guide for students to communicate respectfully.

Order of operations (grades 1-8 / 4-8)
Great when studying order of operations including powers and parenthesis. Description says for grades 1-8, but I’d say this could be confusing before powers have been introduced at all.

Ground rules for sexual health education (grades 4-12)
Encourages students to be respectful and speak about themselves or in general level, not about others.

Branches of Mathematics (grades 5-10)
Simplified interpretation about different fields of mathematics. Helps bit older studets to form a picture what mathematics can be.

Author’s purpose posters (Not grade specific / middle school and up)
Five posters each presenting one author purpose. It says on the description that this is not grade specific, but I think it fits best when you start reading longer and more diverse texts, so not in the very first grades.

Just Right Books Posters (Not grade specific / middle school and up)
Guides students to choose the right level book (I can imagine that is not always easy). Again, middle school and up is my opinion, not grade specific is author’s view.

Law of reflection (7-12)
For physics, law of reflection. Clear poster and worksheet is also included.

Shakespeare’s poets (grades 9-12)

Six Shakespeare’s poets with beautiful backgrounds. Also available in black and white.

Organic compound concept map (grades 11 – higher education)
Colorful and clear concept map. Note that this is in jpg form.

A Christmas Carol Character Profile Posters (grades 8-12)
Seven posters each presenting one character: Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, Jacob Marley and Tiny Tim.

Hopefully you will enjoy these and other beautiful resources! New list next month, feel free to suggest new themes in the comments!

The future of this blog

It may seem that I’ve forgotten all about it, but that’s not the case. The thing is that I got bit exited about Teachers pay teachers and have been planning some new materials there. Something to support math teachers (as you know, math is my only true love) but also for teaching geography. When possible, I’m incorporating two things in the same material. Some examples:

Skakespeare & order of operations where you practise calculating basic operations and become familiar with names of all Shakespeare plays (list of plays is from

Powers and cities of the world Here tasks are relatively simple powers, and words to find are some of the greatest cities of the world and related countries. These are mainly by population but I’ve done some editing and tried to pick more cities from different areas and left some Chinese mega cities out, as they are numerous.

I have also created many word search puzzles and grouped them by themes such as geographical areas. Some names contain extra characters, like é and I have generally included those characters (with some rare exceptions).

In math, I have focused on much practise, and those practise sheets often contain several hundred basic tasks with answers.

I’d like to ask you what kind of material you would like to use, but to be honest my spam filter isn’t working properly and it may take some time for me to find your suggestions. You can also contact me via Twitter or TPT private message.

Let’s hear from you!