Why feeding kids’ creativity is ever more important

Think of the World 30 years from now. Focus especially to work. What would it be like?

It’s given that some jobs which are still done by humans in 2018 will be done by robots/computers by then. This trend has been going on for long, in a way from the start of industrial revolution. For these centuries new jobs have appeared to the stage while old ones have disappeared, so that eventually people have had something to do for living. Will this still be the case in 2048?

Foreseeing the future is always hard, but there is a change that jobs keep disappearing faster than new ones appearing. Before, machines have been able to take only simple, physical jobs but they are taking more advanced jobs all the time.

Let’s think highly educated and well known type of employees: doctors. Accuracy of diagnostic algorithms is getting better all the time often outperforming humans. They are still mainly supportive and may not replace human doctors in 30 years, but that will definetely mean that number of doctors needed will eventually decrease. (For more about doctors and algorithms see for example

If that is the case with highly educated workforce, what will happen to simpler jobs? I see no reason for them do disappear entirely but the problem is that there will be less jobs and less salary. That is due to global competition, more people who are willing to do the same simple job will affect the paycheck.

So, you don’t want to count on your children or grandchildren getting some easy, nine to five well paid job. Those simply won’t exist any more. What kind of jobs and earning possibilities there will be instead? Over the years, people have made some more or less enlightened guesses about that. Maybe it will be the case that jobs that collaborate physical and mental aspects are less likely to vanish, but no one knows for sure.

Here’s where creative thinking comes in to play: You can’t assume that teaching kids certain facts about biology, maths and English literature will do the trick. In addition to that they will need several thinking outside of the box skills. When they are adults, they should be able to figure out themselves what is the most efficient way to earn a living in 2048.

Here’s the key thought: When rising children, try to emphasis creativity and throw in new angels to look at things on daily basis.

Implementing that may not be so easy in hectic lifestyle. Practical solutions come in handy. I’d suggest starting to do every week something different with the kids, maybe at some certain time of the week. It don’t have to be expensive. Going outdoors and painting things that you see? Library? Some new boardgame? Creating your own boardgame? Presenting to your kids online environments where they can learn to code? Theater? Writing your own poets? It’s likely you’ve already tried some of those, the idea is that try to experience new things and go to places (real or mental) where you and your kids haven’t been before. If you have the energy, try to incorporate these to everyday life, but weekly time dedicated to exploring new things is a good place to start.

Teaching your kids how to see things from many perspectives will be beneficial to them when they’ll try to figure their place in the World years from now.

Social media

On the mercy of Twitter algorithms

This is not the key subject of this blog but I made some observations about Twitter. I might be wrong at some point, but it’s not likely. So, here comes 5 things that affects your visibility on Twitter.

1. Twitter’s own algorithms

Admit it or not, this is what really matters. If you follow, let’s say, more than 10 people only some tweets will be shown to you. Twitter algorithm chooses. Had some suggestions who to follow? Twitter algorithm. Had several users following you even if you didn’t do anything special? Twitter algorithm probably suggested you to some users.

2. Bots’ algorithms

We all know there are lots of bots out there. Sometimes they attach to some hashtags you used. Some obviously register new users and start to follow them. If you’ve registered (relative) recently, maybe you noticed that some social media marketing “persons” started to follow you out of the blue? We may also include some bot & human co-operated users here.

3. Change

Who will see your tweet? After all algorithm involving, who is even online at the right time? Who will type the right search word, who happens to retweet?

4. Networks

Yes, there are some nice networks boosting other users in the same specialized field, but there is only so far it can go. Social media marketing and blogs are the most active network boosters I’ve seen. And for some odd reason, wrestling.

5. You said something ingenious

Sometimes accidents will happen and someone sees what you’ve written. World would be nice place if this was the first on this list.

To sum up, algorithms don’t usually get me. If one day I like something, that subject will be shown in large scale the next day. But for person who is interested in various subjects, that’s restricting. It would be really valuable to know how these algorithms work, but I bet it isn’t public knowledge. Or, if there is even roughly similar platform that doesn’t do picking for you, I’ll give it a try.