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11 Timesavers for Teachers

Tips how you can save time in your work as a teacher

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World flags – Harsh history smoothed

Some time ago, I got this idea about “fastly and quickly” doing some printables for all the little flag enthusiastic out there. I thought that colors and symbols in flags will represent peace, prosperity and all furry and cute things. Little did I know. Stories behind flags were full of blood and tears. There are […]

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Irrational Numbers – More than Infinite

Irrational numbers are numerous and yet, you can’t think of any of them. “But I can think of pi!” you might say to yourself. Well, ok. How does it go, then? Is it a fraction of some number we are already familiar with? No it isn’t. Today, we have many things that are absolutely too […]


Practice, more practice in elementary math

As a professional math teacher, I can not emphasize enough the importance of persistent practice. The thing is, when you repeat something numerous times, it eventually becomes an automated skill. When we have an automated skill, we don’t have to think about it. Sounds simple, right?  People have a limited working memory. If it becomes […]