Coding Materials

Jump through planes game with Scratch

This Scratch guide for a game with Scratch has been a free product in my TPT shop for a while now. Users seems to like it, and now I’m bringing it for all of you to use with your students or family. We are starting from the default Scratch project. Remove Sprite1 (the cat). Draw […]

Education Teaching

Why my students dislike me?

What research has to say about students’ expectations; checklist teachers to improve if students are disliking them.

Algorithms Education TPT

How Teachers Pay Teachers’ search algorithm works

Comparison to some other well-known ecommerce search algorithms and some surprising findings about the TPT’s search

Education Finland

Finland’s education system explained

In this post, I’m going to explain the basics of the Finland’s education system. I’m starting at age zero even if it’s not school, but that way it explains better how the system works. There will be links referring to sources that are in Finnish. I apologize for the inconvenience, but all the data is […]