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Teaching coding with SVG

This article presents the idea of teaching coding with svg, or at least some concepts of coding. The concepts you can use svg for are: The importance of a specific syntax How writing just text code can transform easily to something very visible Small changes in code can be significant for the result To express […]

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Classroom Gamification

There are a lot of ideas for classroom gamification on the Internet listing features you could add to your classroom game. Instead of listing a bunch of random ideas, I decided to take a more structured approach and classify games by the time scale, because short and long games need to be planned differently. Decide […]

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Helping students process new content

It’s the million dollar question of teaching, how to help students process new content? This question is closely tied to the question how to present the new information in the first place. In this article, I’ve collected some basic teaching paradigms for helping students process new content. The best result will always be achieved with […]