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Teaching coding with SVG

This article presents the idea of teaching coding with svg, or at least some concepts of coding. The concepts you can use svg for are: The importance of a specific syntax How writing just text code can transform easily to something very visible Small changes in code can be significant for the result To express […]

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Jump through planes game with Scratch

This Scratch guide for a game with Scratch has been a free product in my TPT shop for a while now. Users seems to like it, and now I’m bringing it for all of you to use with your students or family. We are starting from the default Scratch project. Remove Sprite1 (the cat). Draw […]

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World flags – Harsh history smoothed

Some time ago, I got this idea about “fastly and quickly” doing some printables for all the little flag enthusiastic out there. I thought that colors and symbols in flags will represent peace, prosperity and all furry and cute things. Little did I know. Stories behind flags were full of blood and tears. There are […]

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Free STEM Worksheets for Middle School

A curated list of quality stem materials from Teachers Pay Teachers. All these are free at the time of updating (April 2021)