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Free STEM Worksheets for Middle School

A curated list of quality stem materials from Teachers Pay Teachers. All these are free at the time of updating (April 2021)

Here is a curated list of free stem worksheets for middle school from Teachers Pay Teachers. All these are free at the time of updating (April 2021). However, some materials may be removed or changed to paid ones over time. I have no control over that, as most of them are not mine.

Science Literacy Monster Fish (grades 5-8)

This resource combines literacy and science. Extra mention for the coloring picture that I find very artistic!

The Sun Worksheet Activity (grades 5-8)

Several fill-in activities about the Sun.

Elements Compounds and Mixtures Classification of Matter (grades 5-11)

The given grade level distribution is quite wide, I would suggest this for middle school rather than high school. However, clear and useful worksheet about matter.

Weather Patterns, Factors, and the Atmosphere Word Search (6-7)

Word search puzzle about weather and atmosphere.

Unit of Work Facts and Fishes (grade 7)

This material is 55 pages long! I first wondered how this is even possible, but then realized that the publisher is an institute from Australia.

Irrational Numbers Crossword and Proof

How do we even know that irrational numbers exist in the first place? The crossword can be used as summary after the irrational numbers course.

Plant and Animal Cells Virtual Science Lab

Long and engaging material about cells. Pictures are colorful and tasks varying in style. This pdf version is free, the e-learning version is paid. 

Quarks and Leptons Video Guide

A video guide about quarks and leptons. Refers to several short videos, a good way of presenting these complicated structures. It’s for classes 8-10.

Fossils Virtual Field Trip

This fieldtrip has several virtual materials (videos, 3D environment), answer sheets with pictures, grading rubric. This virtual field trip has it all (except juice boxes)!

Amoeba Sisters Meiosis

This material is a video and worksheet combo about meiosis.

Sources of Electrical Energy

Large unit for Google Drive about Electrical energy. First there is the theory, then a quiz.

Hopefully you will find these materials useful!

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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