8th Grade Math

8th Grade Curriculum (Common Core Standards)

Note that I’m still working on this curriculum, so it doesn’t include all courses yet.

The Number System

Know that there are numbers that are not rational, and approximate them by rational numbers.


Rational and Irrational Numbers Editable PowerPoint

Rational Approximations of Irrational Numbers, editable PowerPoint

Rational and Irrational Numbers Practice Sheet

These three resources in one bundle:  Irrational Numbers Small Bundle

Expressions & Equations

Work with radicals and integer exponents.


Integer Exponents Editable PowerPoint

Powers Worksheet

Powers Worksheet – Shorter free version!


Roots and Equations Editable PowerPoint

Exponent Equations Worksheet


Scientific Notation Editable Powerpoint (8.EE.A.3 only)

Scientific Notation Worksheet (8.EE.A.3 only)

Working with Scientific Notation PowerPoint (8.EE.A.4 only)

Working with Scientific Notation Worksheet (8.EE.A.4 only)