Practice, more practice in elementary math

As a professional math teacher, I can not emphasize enough the importance of persistent practice. The thing is, when you repeat something numerous times, it eventually becomes an automated skill. When we have an automated skill, we don’t have to think about it. Sounds simple, right? 

People have a limited working memory. If it becomes too crowded, something falls out of the other end. This isn’t the precise word from psychology, but the idea is clear. So, if you would have to do a complex equation in your head without practice, it would be impossible because your working memory couldn’t handle all the details.

But now, if you have completed some parts of the task automatically, without thinking about it, there will be more space available in your working memory for steps that really need creative thinking. This way, the students with higher level automation can complete higher level tasks in maths!

I teach mostly in middle school but I’ve also prepared some worksheets for elementary students to level up their automation in basic operations. 

The larger set works as a backup for third or fourth grade teachers. You can always draw a fresh, seasonally themed worksheet from the pile. There are also bit different difficulty levels starting from three terms and no brackets to four terms and brackets. The worksheets of this theme back can also be purchased separately. 

The pictures of the themed worksheet pack are made by Prettygrafik

Before this pack, I made a worksheet that has the same structure but isn’t season themed. It is actually the best selling product in my store at the moment. For this, I made graphics myself.

Did I mention that even if there are lots of tasks, they are all unique? Happy practicing!

By thebrigh

Hi! My name is Jenni and I used to be a math teacher in Finland. I have a master's degree in math and also studies in computer science and pedagogy. Talented students are close to my heart, hence the name of the site. But I also might write about other stuff.

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