Why is TPT not working?

This post is written in November 2022 and it’s relevant regarding some changes that have happened during the last two months. There are two changes that may lead to a feeling that TPT is not working and the first one is related to the search and the other with ads connected with free products. TPT’s […]

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Irrational Numbers – More than Infinite

Irrational numbers are numerous and yet, you can’t think of any of them. “But I can think of pi!” you might say to yourself. Well, ok. How does it go, then? Is it a fraction of some number we are already familiar with? No it isn’t. Today, we have many things that are absolutely too […]

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Free STEM Worksheets for Middle School

A curated list of quality stem materials from Teachers Pay Teachers. All these are free at the time of updating (April 2021)

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Free Valentine’s Day Products in TPT

February and St. Valentine’s day is coming, and especially with younger students it’s time to use themed materials! I found also some fresh materials for older students. I divided these into three groups: Primary school, Middle school (and up) and for your own creations. Some of them are even for commercial use. Enjoy! Primary school […]


Free educational posters in Teachers Pay Teachers

Today, I’ll be listing posters that you can print out and hang to your classroom wall. I can tell you there are many of them even if you take only the new ones into account, so I’ve done some picking and chosen those that look beautiful to my own eye. Subjects vary from mathematics to […]